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The fundamental goal of our work abroad with street animals is to sustainably reduce the local street population. We achieve this through castration campaigns based on the principle of capture, castration and release.

engl. trap new release

Our goal is to neuter as many street dogs as possible. A castration in Romania costs 25 euros.

We support veterinarians on site and participate in so-called castration campaigns.

This is the only way we can save the animals from suffering in the future.


The procedure is based on the basic ecological principle of load-bearing capacity. This describes the maximum number of organisms of a species that can exist in a habitat for an unlimited period of time without causing lasting damage. A balance is created between the resources available, such as water, food and sleeping places, and the size of the population, which, depending on the availability of resources, regulates itself through growth and death rate. If only animals are removed from this equilibrium, by capturing and killing or capturing and exporting, the equilibrium is disturbed and more resources remain for the existing population. This stimulates the population to grow again. The population numbers are only reduced for a short period of time and then rise again. The suffering of the street animals will never be reduced by killing individuals.


By capturing animals, neutering them, vaccinating them and then releasing them again in the same place, the population gaps only exist for a few hours or days. The animals released again directly close the short-term gap, ie the available resources remain available to the same extent and there is no space for growth or immigrants. Since the castrated animals can no longer reproduce, we break the cycle of more and more unwanted baby animals.


It does happen that new animals try to immigrate, but through consistent and long-term castration campaigns, these animals are also caught, neutered and released again, so the population numbers slowly but steadily decrease until we have managed to level them down to a minimum.


Unfortunately in Romania people are still trying to reduce the street population through killing campaigns, we are fighting against this!


support this


once or in the sense of a castration sponsorship with 25 euros per month

castration sponsorship

With a castration sponsorship you ensure that a street dog is neutered in Romania every month and thus help to prevent further suffering.


Assuming an uncastrated pair of dogs and their offspring, there will be over 60 million new dogs in the 10th year. Source of the multiplication pyramid: VETO


If you decide to sponsor castardation, you are operating really sustainable and effective animal welfare!


We say thank you to everyone who supports us in the campaign.

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