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For our strays, who only get a chance when people can see, touch and get to know them beforehand, or those who suffer a lot on site, we are looking for voluntary foster homes that take our dogs in and look after them until we get a "for." always at home "for them.


Each of our dogs has an individual personality with a perhaps difficult, but above all unknown, history.


We would like to make habituation and socialization as easy as possible for our dogs through professional care and therefore urgently only look for experienced foster homes for the time being.





Requirements for the foster home that you should be aware of:



That the dog cannot leave overnight if problems arise


That your foster dog will only learn a lot from you


That your foster dog can stay for months, weeks or just days


That your foster dog shows different behavior than when you were there


That we need an assessment of the dog's character with the help of you


That you have sufficient experience with animal welfare dogs


That no coercive measures are taken


That no children under the age of 12 should live in the household


That the costs for food and taxes have to be borne by you

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