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We don't just want to bring dogs to Germany, but instead focus on helping on site.

Animal welfare work in Romania is associated with high costs, which is why we are dependent on donations.

There are running costs for accommodation, water and food. But also costs for vaccinations and medication.

Then there are the castration campaigns  that we want to finance.

We are grateful for every small donation that we can use to save the dogs' lives and give them the chance of a better life.

We are also happy to accept donations in kind in the form of  

  • Lining  

  • Blankets / pillows / baskets

  • toy


Please send us an email to


Bank Transfer


skat bank

DE26 8306 5408 0004 2827 10



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If you have any questions about your donation, write us an email


If you need a receipt for your donation, we will of course issue one for you

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