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"As long as people think that animals don't feel, animals have to feel that people don't think." - What philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer has long recognized is still incomprehensible to many people. It is our task to take a different path, to offer dogs a loving home and thus to welcome a new family member, a lot of joy and an infinite amount of love into our lives. Instead of ruthless obedience, understanding and respect apply.

Dogs from animal welfare in particular had to face many problems and challenges in the past. Due to their previous experience and partly also due to traumas they have experienced, they have special needs. Animal welfare does not only mean adopting a dog from the animal shelter or shelter, but also treating it with a lot of patience and understanding in its new home. Because it is now up to you to give the dogs the chance that has been denied for too long to arrive in a family and a home of their own and to find their way in your new everyday life.

As an organization, we believe in a loving, non-violent and needs-oriented dog training - this is a fundamental concern of ours for our dogs. We strictly reject the use of criminal stimuli in dog training, including: spraying with water, physical blocking, scolding, jerking the leash, pinching or tapping the flank, hissing noises, throwing discs, chains or vibrating boxes. We therefore recommend attending a positive and non-violent dog school or working with dog trainers if you have behavioral problems or uncertainties.

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For comprehensive information and further training in matters of non-violent dog training, we can also introduce you to our partner FIFFI & STRUPPI:
FIFFI & STRUPPI is a learning platform with numerous content and webinars on all aspects of non-violent and holistic dog training. You can watch webinars from different speakers on the platform and get support on a wide range of topics. Gloria, the founder of FIFFI & STRUPPI, has been working in animal welfare abroad for many years and takes the special needs of animal welfare dogs into account.

Through our partnership, we have the opportunity to provide our adopters with a discount code for the two webinars "The first weeks with an animal welfare dog" and "Hello puppy - this is how you start your happy coexistence". Please contact us directly or contact hello @ fiffi Because the correct handling of dogs is not only a matter of opinion, but a right of our four-legged friends that cannot be denied.


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